Located just around the corner from Florence’s City Marketplace, this is the first store that started what Panbriaco is today. It is in a historical building among Florence’s characteristic alleys.

Our main goal is to offer you the Tuscan Stuffed Flatbread, lovingly prepared according to tradition.

You can choose from our recommended pairings on the menu, or if you want you can have fun picking which of the numerous 100% Tuscan delicacies you’d like to pair with your flatbread from among the special cheeses, Tuscan lunch meats, tasty sauces and fresh vegetables. All this topped off with a glass of wine!

Beside the Tuscan Stuffed Flatbread, this sales point offers platters and many other little tidbits that you can have in the dining room or the outdoor table area to enjoy all the charm of Florence and to have a relaxing and tasty break from your tourism.


Tuscan flatbread, also called “ciaccia” or “schiaccia” (Italian for crush) or “stiacciata” or “schiacciata all’olio” (with olive oil) is a typical country food, the origins of which are as ancient as they are uncertain. In fact it seems that originally it was a disc of dough made by mixing water and various ground cereals, then flattened to be baked on ardent stones by the fire. In Tuscany people started baking in ovens in the Middle Ages. In the region’s breadmaking tradition, farmers made bread once a week and filled the oven with many flatbread discs, which acted as an “indicator” of the right temperature for putting bread in the oven. Schiacciata dough is the same as that used to make bread: water, flour and mother culture, with an addition of extra virgin olive oil and salt on the top.




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Via Faenza, 13
50123, Firenze
055 97 52 513

Open all days from 11:00 to 23:00



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